Developing and enacting solutions

After working for over three decades in the city we realised two things – we loved problem solving, and we loved managing and developing talent. So we decided to set up a consultancy that enabled us to do what we love.


About us

Who we are

We have gained our experience and grown our network by working for large financial institutions in senior positions.

Together with our training partner we have a combined total of over 45 years’ experience in Investment Banking and Wealth Management.

Our Mission Statement

“To be recognised by our clients as being the best provider of business-focussed, cost-effective graduate consultants … and by our people as being the best employer to kickstart their career in the financial sector”

Tony Earle – Director

Investment Banking

9 years working in Operations, IT, Business Change and Front Office functions.

Wealth Management

8 years, delivering organisation change, running the full project portfolio for the UK and Jersey as Head of Change, and leading a European platform transformation programme. Held positions on the Chief Operating Officer Committee, the UK and Jersey Operating Committees and the European Change Committee.

James Gomes – Director

Investment Banking

7 years working in Operations and Controlling functions.

Wealth Management

9 years, delivering large scale business and regulatory change. Became Head of Operations for the UK and Jersey, holding a CF10a position of responsibility with the Financial Conduct Authority. Held positions on the Chief Operating Officer Committee, the UK and Jersey Operating Committees and the Location Operations Committee.

Our Training Partner

Matt Fotherby

Meta Financial Education

Over 15 years experience within Financial Markets, has spent the last 5 years working to bring his practical markets understanding to educating clients. Has worked alongside major Hedge Funds and Asset Managers within Prime Brokerage before developing a unique client education program based firstly around Financial Markets and Products and now expanded to specialise on the Regulatory landscape. His vision is built around one simple premise, bringing everyday learning techniques to how we approach learning about financial markets and regulations.