People are our business

Our model is simple. We recruit high quality graduates, train them, and place them with clients.


Our Client Proposition

We’re solutions-based.

We go into organisations, understand the challenges, come up with solutions, provide resources and training and deliver results.

We recognise the constant challenges facing organisations:

  • Increasing client, business and regulatory demands.
  • Decreasing budgets coupled with initiatives to drive down costs through restructures, outsourcing and headcount reduction exercises.
  • A focus on retaining and enhancing revenues, with less investment in support functions and graduate programmes.

Seeking external assistance to meet these challenges is a must, but consultancies are not cheap and often tailor their expertise to conveniently meet your needs.

It is true that new graduates lack ‘on the job experience’, but they will quickly gain this. What our people will have is academic knowledge, intelligence, motivation, energy, people skills and confidence.

Case Studies and Rates

We do not have a fixed rate card – we agree a rate with the client depending on location, experience and training requirements, number of resources and duration of engagement. To be the best we need to attract the best talent, which is reflected in pricing.

Graduate Resources

Documenting current and future state processes to support a global finance innovation programme for a Tier 1 bank

Supporting treasury programme for large Irish bank located in Dublin. 18 Month tailored talent programme with plan to hire at completion.

Supporting a ringfencing programme for a Tier 1 global bank. Currently performing business analysis and testing roles.

Business analysis as part of a major Target Operating Model exercise to redesign a Tier 2 investment/financial advice client.

Project manager and implementation manager roles for a Tier 1 bank.

Short-term Junior Associates

Provision of experienced project manager and a number of temporary graduate resources to remediate large client and position data issues for a Tier 2 client.

Senior Associates

Provision of resources to perform purchase due-diligence and manage the integration/onboarding of a 1.3 Bn AUM wealth management business for a Tier 2 client.

Programme Manager (20 Years+ experience ex MD at Tier 1 bank) to run re- platform programme for global finance asset management function at a Tier 1 bank.

Project Manager to design, deliver and migrate a WM client book onto a new account structure (shift from self-directed to exo / advisory / discretionary offerings for Tier 1 bank.

Director Support

  • Acquisition and Migration Strategy
  • Design of in-house Operations Graduate Talent Programme
  • Design of IT Talent and Training Programme
  • Target Operating Model and Change Delivery Model Approaches
  • Strategic Programme Planning – Global Dealing Model and Client Segmentation
  • ExCo Regulatory Briefings (eg. SMCR)

Our model will work for you because:

We have candidates ready to go.

Along with our existing employees, we have access to a pool of over 96,000 graduates and post-graduate (up to two years after completing university) from more than 100 universities.

You help us to select our employees.

For new hires, after a robust selection process, final interviews are conducted with clients. You therefore have peace of mind that our pool of employees is hand picked based on client needs.

We pay, train, coach and mentor our employees.

You avoid the need to recruit and retain permanent headcount. Our people are on our payroll. It is our responsibility to ensure our graduates receive continuous support for the three years they are with us.

We train employees to meet your needs.

While we provide a generic foundation in financial education, we will provide bespoke training if it is required by you. We also recognise the need for ‘workplace skills’ and will ensure our graduates fit seamlessly into your organisation.

We provide a cost-effective solution.

You no longer need to pay extortionate fees which can include additional loading to ‘pay the Partners’ and a charge to hire our graduates full-time into your organisation once they have completed their programme with us.

We seek continuous feedback.

Our model only works if our graduates are meeting your needs. We maintain a constant dialogue to ensure this is the case.


We offer onsite support.

We have relevant experience in most areas of finance, and we are only too willing to help. And you won’t find a hidden cost in any invoice for this.

Graduate Onboarding

Client Requirements

Our client specifies their resource requirements.

  1. Role(s)
  2. Number of candidates
  3. Degree level
  4. Previous experience
  5. Upfront and ongoing training requirements
  6. Location(s)

Role Advertisement

We advertise the role to thousands of candidates using multiple channels, including targeting alumni at specific universities.

We already have a pool of pre- selected candidates to expedite the process.


We select applicants who meet our requirements and those of our clients.

We conduct first and second round interviews, assessment centres where required, and written and numeracy tests to produce a short-list of preferred candidates.

Final Selection

Our client selects from our short-listed candidates for final interview, based on experience and availability.

After final interview(s) our client selects their preferred candidate(s).

We offer a role with Earle&Gomes subject to successful completion of background checks.

Upfront training depends on client’s urgency and candidate’s experience, from none (if experienced/training provided ‘on the job’) to insistence on regulatory or a CFA qualification before joining.

Client Placement

After upfront training and background screening is complete, our graduates join our talent programme and are placed with the client to deliver immediate impact and benefits. Through our programme they are continuously supported during their client placement.


Graduate Training

Upfront training is wholly dependent on client needs and graduate experience…

Option 1 - CFA Investment Foundations

Client can request CFA IF qualification to be gained first. This will be studied on-line over two weeks followed by a 1-1 study day to cover more complex concepts with some time focused on the new role. The client can request exam taken before start, although ‘study complete, exam within first month’ is a faster onboarding option.

Option 2 - 1:1

We provide in-house 1-1 training day(s), covering an introduction to financial markets with specific focus on the role our graduate is starting in. Once placed with client, we provide weekly ‘booster’ training for the first month. This solution works best where the graduate has little/no experience but the client needs to onboard them quickly.

Option 3 - In Role

If the client needs a fast onboarding, and/or is satisfied with the graduate’s experience, they can be onboarded immediately and trained internally within their role. The graduate will still follow our mandatory learning pathway regardless of previous experience.

Once started with a client, our graduate’s learning will follow our mandatory Graduates Learning Pathway.

On an ongoing basis, our graduates’ will also receive:

  • Weekly mentoring and coaching
  • Monthly events
  • Quarterly team building
  • Non mandatory on-line education
  • On-line webinars to keep updated on topical news stories and latest regulations
  • Appraisal every six months (incorporating client feedback)